Noble Park Railway Station

The Oakleigh to Gippsland railway line had stations at Springvale and Dandenong and as land near the Springvale station underwent subdivision into small farm holdings, owners down the line subdivided their land. In 1909 several holdings in the area later to be known as Noble Park were cut up for market gardens.

Noble Park Railway Station, 1920.
Noble Park Railway Station, 1920.

In January 1912, representatives of the Noble Park Progress Association, and of the Dandenong council waited on the Railway Commissioners, with a request that a station and siding should be provided at Noble Park. Before this resident had to either wait alongside the track, hoping the train would stop, or travel to Dandenong/Springvale.

In February 1912, the request was refused by the Commissioners. When the first requested at an earlier time, they said they would only provide the station if the residents contributed the whole of the cost. At the January, they were asked to bear at least a share in the expense, but after consideration they informed Mr. Keast, M.L.A.(local representative), that they still would not share any of the cost.

Noble Park Railway Station, 1918-1930s.
Noble Park Railway Station, 1918-1930s

By August 1912, rumours circulated that over £500 had been handed over by residents for the erection of the station. Early in November work did finally start on Noble Park Station, with the work on the building, and such, expected to be completed in 3 weeks. It wouldn't be until the mid 1940s (1945/46?) that the crossing seen here was replaced by the pedestrian subway.

The present station (being replaced by skyrail), was opened in the late 1960s after the original buildings were destroyed by an arsonist. A row of shops now occupies the site of the first station, of which no trace remains today. As part of the EastLink project, minor upgrade works were carried out, including improved shelter, carpark upgrades, and a security upgrade including brighter lighting and better CCTV coverage.

In 2015 the Level Crossing Removal Authority announced the Grade separation of nearby Heatherton Road with construction scheduled to start in 2016. The proposal will see the new station being elevated and moved closer to where the public restrooms presently stand. With this work well underway, the elevated rail and station deck has been completed. Upon completion of the whole project the old station and rails will be removed.

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